Before going gluten-free bread was definitely one of the foods I looked forward to the most. So much so I had been known to eat a whole breadboard to myself as a starter. I really loved bread.

When I started trying gluten free versions, the results were mixed. Genius bread was quite nice for toast but their bread rolls where very dry and didn’t make for the most enjoyable sandwich. Tesco do some quite nice free from sandwich thins but they only come in white, and a brown range would be nice in order to get some variety.

I was delighted to read that Sainsbury’s in store bakery’s were going to be stocking fresh gluten free bread. When I popped in a few weekends ago, as well as a crusty white loaf, they also had bread buns.

I tried the bread buns first and had a lovely ham salad roll. I think you would have been hard pushed to notice the difference between my sandwich and a wheat filled roll. The next day I had two slices of the white crusty roll toasted. Having crusty bread, with jam again was amazing. I knew I had missed bread but hadn’t realized how much till then. The rest of the loaf was quickly sliced and put in the freezer, so there is always a supply.

So if you are looking for a crusty loaf but one which is gluten-free I would highly recommend Sainsbury’s. I only hope they start stocking it in more branches and even potentially expand the range!