I love pastry. Pies are one of my favourite meals in the winter and quiches in the summer. So one of the first things I wanted to find was a free from version of pastry.

I’ve never really made my own pastry, it’s often time consuming, especially for puff and filo which are my favourites, whereas the blocks are just so easy to roll out! Therefore I wasn’t confident in making my own gluten and dairy free version. So I got two kinds of free from pastry from Tesco to try.

I decided to make Cornish Pasties last Saturday which I think was my first mistake. Something a little simpler where the pastry could just be put on top might have been better, rather than needing to be shaped and crimped.

The first pastry I tried was from a company called Silly Yak. They make a pastry block which you just roll if you want puff or knead for a few minutes for shortcrust. I was initially positive as it looked and felt very similar to normal pasty blocks. I needed shortcrust so I kneaded, it held together well and was easy to roll out. I soon had two almost circles (issues here were due to my rolling pin technique rather than the pastry!) and placed the filling in the middle. However when I went to fold it over the pastry started to crumbled and soon there was gapping holes all over. It couldn’t be cooked. However the filling was saved and I gave Nature Store pastry a go!

This time you needed to mix the flour mixture with water. The right amount of water was used but it was still like crumbs, so I added more until it came together. I then divided the mixture into two to roll out but it was clear that it was too fragile to even attempt folding it in half. I decided to line a dish with half the pastry and then use to rest to top it, turning tea into more of a beef pie. It was easier to do this, still some holes appeared but they were quickly patched up. It cooked well and no soggy bottoms in sight. However the texture of the pastry was very rubbery, and not enjoyable.

Over all this wasn’t the more successful hour I’ve spent in the kitchen. However I will be trying again.

I think the Silly Yak pastry, would work much better as puff, to top a pie, or be rolled out and top with pesto and vegetables for a summer tart. Just Rol also do a puff pastry which is gluten free and I’d like to try that too, as their normal version has always been my go to favourites.

The Nature Store mix though, isn’t for me due to the rubbery texture and is one thing I won’t be trying again.

Fingers crossed for more success with pastry round two.