Sweet Potato Noodles with a Satay Sauce

I’ve already blogged about a few Deliciously Ella recipes but this time it is one from her “with friends” book and one that immediately took my fancy when I read it; mainly due to the sweet potato noodles. I love sweet potato! The recipe on the next page though for sautéed tamari greens also appealed so I kind of combined into one super stir fry!

To start with I fried garlic celery and fresh ginger together. I could taste the garlic and ginger in the end dish but the celery was neither here or there. Next time if I have some in I will use it but I won’t get some in specially. After that I added in some chicken (this isn’t in the recipe but I eat and like chicken so decided to add it in) until it was brown all over. Then came time to add the sweet potato noodles and cook for a couple of minutes.

To make the noodles I peeled and then spiralised two small (200g per potato) sweet potatoes. I used the finest noodle setting on the spiraliser but next time will use the larger one as the noodles where quite fragile and as they are moved around lots I think bigger ones would be better.

After cooking the noodles for a few minutes I added a courgette, some long steam broccoli, and shredded spring greens and stir fried until all cooked.

Then came time to add the sauce; crunchy peanut butter, almond milk, tamari, chilli flakes, lime juice, and honey. It recommended blitzing everything in a blender but I just mixed by hand until it all came together. Once it has, add to the rest of the dish and cook until heated through.

The result was lovely. The noodles were heartier and had a more filling texture than courgetti and the sauce was very creamy. I’m looking forward to showing this recipe off next time I have visitors!

chicken satay


Chocolate Mousse

Since I started going Free from desserts have been mainly confined to sorbet or soya yoghurt, so when I found a gluten free, diary free, egg free recipe for Chocolate Mousse, I got excited to give it a go.

The recipe is one by Deliciously Ella and I’m pleased to say it went well, and one that will be repeated!

All the ingredients; avocado, dates, banana, almond butter, raw cacao powder, a wee bit of honey, and water, went in to the food processor and combined to form a rich smooth chocolatey mixture.

The texture was lovely, but for me the taste was over powered by the bananas. The recipe said to use very ripe banana, but maybe mine where a little too ripe. Next time, I’ll use less ripe bananas and maybe a little less, or slightly more raw cacao powder to try to balance it out. Will let you know how I get on.