Matthew Walker Sponge Puddings

During coeliac awareness week I entered a compeition on the Coeliac UK website for some Matthew Walker goodies. While I sadly didn’t win I was runner up and won two syrup sponges and two chocolate sponges.

I tired the chocolate one first, and was initially skeptical as it felt very hard and crunchy in the wee plastic tub. After microwaving for a minute I placed into a bowl and noticed how easily it came away from the tub while in one piece. Some other gluten free bakes I have tired have stuck and broke apart. The sponge itself was coated in a rich chocolate sauce which was a good thing as the sponge was a wee bit on the dry side and definitely needed something to give it a bit of moistness.

The syrup sponge was very similar to the chocolate one in terms of how it cooked and came of out the tub. But it didn’t have as much sauce and this caused it to feel quiet dry when eating it. It was also a bit too sweet for me.

Would I buy in the future? Yes and no. The chocolate one would be nice to buy as a treat now and again, but I think I would pass on the syrup. Matthew Walker isn’t stocked in many supermarkets near me though so will try some of the supermarkets own free from versions and hope they are similar.

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