Back on the gluten

The best news of this week came on Thursday through the post. The letter rescheduling my gut biopsy appointment came and is set for the 30th May. From the positive blood test coupled with the fact I felt great not eating gluten, but all symptoms came back the week I reintroduced it in April (before that appointment was cancelled), I already know gluten doesn’t agree with me. Personally I’m fairly certain, as is my GP, of the celiac diagnosis but hopefully this biopsy confirms things. So the next three weeks is short term pain, hopefully for long term gain.

I had planned to start with the reintroduction yesterday by having beans on toast for lunch. However I treated myself to a Frys Peppermint Creams on Friday night as I read the label and thought it was free from gluten and diary. However I wasn’t well Saturday morning, it was the only thing different I had had in my diet so did a quick google and found a lot of celiac websites saying Fry’s chocolate isn’t suitable due to cross contamination in the manufacturing process. While I was glad I had figured out what it was and preferred that causing the symptoms than something I eat regularly, it did make me think how careful I will need to be after the biopsy with cross contamination, especially in shop brought food.

After my lunch of beans on toast, the bloat came back big time. My boyfriend, rather than say (as he often does to make me feel better) “you look great, can’t notice anything”, just said “you look huge”. Hopefully though people might think I’m pregnant and maybe I’ll get a seat on the train to work!

And today, due a broken oven we went out for a Sunday roast. Normally I have to check the gravy and roast potatoes too see if they are gf, and forego the Yorkshire Puddings. But today I ordered as normal. The result can be seen below! While the meal was lovely, it wasn’t worth the side effects, which extended to joint pain, and nausea. A photo of my tummy before and after is below. Due to having the Yorkshire Pudding it would have been the first time I had eaten diary since middle of March, the symptoms I got were no worse than when I’ve just had gluten, so hoping that once the gluten is out of my system in June and I give my tummy a little bit of time to heal, I will be able to reintroduce small amounts again which would make eating out and going to friends much easier!

Will keep you posted how the next few weeks go. I’ve still got some of the free form dishes I’ve made over the last few weeks to share!

before and after lumchBefore and after Sunday lunch.