Chocolate Mousse

Since I started going Free from desserts have been mainly confined to sorbet or soya yoghurt, so when I found a gluten free, diary free, egg free recipe for Chocolate Mousse, I got excited to give it a go.

The recipe is one by Deliciously Ella and I’m pleased to say it went well, and one that will be repeated!

All the ingredients; avocado, dates, banana, almond butter, raw cacao powder, a wee bit of honey, and water, went in to the food processor and combined to form a rich smooth chocolatey mixture.

The texture was lovely, but for me the taste was over powered by the bananas. The recipe said to use very ripe banana, but maybe mine where a little too ripe. Next time, I’ll use less ripe bananas and maybe a little less, or slightly more raw cacao powder to try to balance it out. Will let you know how I get on.