I’m Emma. A charity major gifts fundraiser from Scotland currently living in Surrey and working in London.

In 2015 I starting having digestive issues; bloated, gassy, and either needing the loo too much or not enough. It was generally a bit poo. Often literally too. After several trips to the GP and some blood tests, the diagnose was Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was told to keep a food diary, destress as much as possible and prescribed Mebervine and Peppermint Oils to take before meals.

Over the next two years there was good weeks and bad weeks. I discovered that lots of wine and eating out sadly seemed to set it off, but a quieter week with home cook delights seemed to make it better. A gluten light diet seemed to be help, as did Probiotics, but after a while things flared up again.

However after a house move in December 2016, and a bad flare up in January and February 2017 I went to a new doctor who wanted to test again for Coeliac disease as well as inflammatory bowel conditions. In addition I undertook a private test with York Tests to determine if I was suffering from food intolerance as well. When the results came back the York Test found a intolerance to gluten, diary, eggs, and yeast. And the blood test for coeliac disease was positive.

The results therefore were a bit overwhelming.

Currently, I’ve been free from diary, eggs, and yeast since middle of March 2017 and had cut out gluten for one month. Over that time symptoms reduced and I felt happier, healthier, and livelier than I had in years. However as I had a biopsy booked for 27th April I had to start introducing gluten 2 and a half weeks before hand. Almost instantly symptoms returned; bloating, gassy, mouth ulcers, and a rash on my elbow. However after a week, a letter came cancelling the appointment and the wait for a new one started. So a gluten free diet starts again for a wee bit, to try and make the ulcers and rashes go away!

Hopefully a confirmed diagnosis will come soon, and this blog will document that, but until then, it will be able trying to find food that makes my tummy better, and in turn me happier.

Emma xx

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