Nectarine cake

My second gluten-free vegan bake came about due to having an excess of nectarines all needing to be eaten right before going away for the weekend. As I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat I starting googling for a recipe that would let me us them all up! And I found this one!

While not a gluten-free recipe I decided to give it ago with gluten-free flour and some Xantham gum thrown in to help hold it all together.

I made the mix as detailed in the recipe and put into a tin. I found the mixture hard to spread out, as it felt rubbery (a lot like the vegan strawberry shortcake sponge I previously mentioned), and it definitely wasn’t as wet looking as the mixtures suggested. The texture of the sponge also meant it was hard to press the nectarines down as much as I would have liked. However having them on top accidentally caused a lovely syrup to run down off the fruit and almost glaze the top once it came of the oven, which was no bad thing!

After baking for 25 minutes my knife came out clean and I left to cool. The texture was quiet close, very much like the other vegan gluten free cakes I’ve made. It is nice enough but not as soft and moist as I would like. Unlike the previous cake attempt this time it wasn’t sandwiched with filling and I did miss that.

I would try this again but next time I’m wondering about chopping the fruit up and mixing into the cake. Then it could maybe be sliced in half and maybe some apricot jam used to sandwich together. Will have to pop out and get some more nectarines too see!

necterine cake

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