Gluten Free Black Bean Spaghetti

If I had been in the Inside Health shop in Reigate on my own, I probably wouldn’t have picked up this product. But due to recommendation by my cousin I did. And, I’m glad I did.

When I took the noodles out of the packet they were very thin, and I had no idea how much to cook. For me, an idea on the back of how much to cook per person would be the only thing they could improve on. I filled a pan with what I thought was the correct amount but it expanded a lot! However I was hungry, and thought “its only beans“, so fortunately nothing went to waste. Next time thought, I will cook less, but also weight how much I use before hand, to try and get a better grip on portion size.

While the package says its perfect to go with asian dishes, I actually paired it with turkey bolognese, and think it was a perfect combination. The black bean spaghetti tasted much more like pasta than noodles, and if you had had your eyes closed I think it would have been hard to tell it about from normal spaghetti.

Overall I would highly recommend black bean spaghetti, as not only a gluten free alternative but tasty dish in general, and look forward to having them again, as well as trying other products in the range.

I brought the spaghetti from an independent shop but have found them online at Holland and Barrett.

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